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Mohamad Kaifi(Founder)

Information Technology expert based in U.K with over 10 years experience. A passionate foodie with the sole purpose of bringing his passion to every nook & corner. 

Ghassan Anjum (Lead Admin & Co-Founder)

Masters in International Trade & Finance with over 20 years experience in the field of Engineering, Construction, International Trade Finance, Business Development & a hardcore foodie/home-cook who quotes – Home Food is the Future!

Najeeb Aziz (Admin)

A certified photographer with over 10 years experience both in India & Dubai. An expert food photographer experienced with known food celebs and a seasoned foodie who quotes – Food is the treasure for life. 

Ashutosh Sinha (Admin)

An engineer by qualification, businessman by profession and a foodie by heart. Loves to cook, explore places and it's delicacies. “Food comes with Discipline. 

Kripanshu Pratap (Admin)

M.B.A in Marketing & HR and over 10 years experience in the international tourism industry. The explorative nature for a variety of cuisines globally drives his fervour to be an intense foodie.

Monty Singh (Admin)

A businessman by profession having a Sanitaryware & Tiles showroom. Passionate food lover, traveller & a hobbyist photographer who quotes – Food is the Circle of my Life. 

Rajiv Gupta (Admin)

MA in Political Science. A landowner & farmer by his profession but a divine foodie by his soul. His vast experience over the years and maturity over the delicacies around the world especially the North-East has made him one of the most popular seniors in the circuit. He freely recites – Khao, Piyo and Aish Karo (Eat, Drink & Live Blissfully)

Vishal Agarwal (Moderator)

A Commerce Graduate. Entrepreneur & a passionate foodie. His enthusiasm flies with his zeal for food. Set amongst us a strict vegeterian whose valuable experience counts as as asset to the group. He simply quotes – Be a Foodie, Be a Vegeterian. 

Charanjeet Arora (Moderator)

A Financial IT Expert, a very sensible and an affectionate family man. An experimental cook with a quote for all of us here – Be truthful to what you cook, it is love that decides the special taste. 

Ibtessam Anjum (Moderator)

Ibtessam Anjum Najeeb born in Al Ayn (U.A.E.) and raised in the food capital of the middle east (Dubai).